Last updated: February 16, 2024
Your executive for the 2024 season!
To reach any individual, their contact info will be listed in the online directory found in the Members' Area.

Presidents:  Cheryl Francis and Don Lawlor
Vice-President:  Adriana Lurz and Brian Stewart
Treasurers:  Val and Rob Brockbank
Secretary:  Michelle Kavanagh
Liaison Officer:  Eric McCormick (Hammond Rd, Winders Bay & small section along Echo Lake Rd)
Liaison Officers:  Adriana Lurz and Brian Stewart (Lawson Rd & Truscott Place)
Liaison Officer:  Michelle Leblond 
(McCabe Rd)

Association Support Positions
Environment / Lake Partner contact:  Paul Ecclestone
Membership:  Paul Ecclestone
Webmaster:  Paul Ecclestone

Please direct all correspondence to the executive via elamuskoka@gmail.com