Last updated:  July 14, 2018

All numbers with the area code listed have been verified and are still active.  Awaiting confirmation from other contacts.

Please visit our Executive page if you wish to contact one of the Executive Members or Liaison Officers.  
The Association can also be reached at our main email

Here are some useful contacts in our community.

Community Contact Numbers
  • Community Group:  Louise Garrod (705-767-3257)
  • Community Centre:  Morris Bryant  (705-767-3933)
  • Community Sign:  Chery or Scott  (705-767-3933)
  • Fire Department:  Glen Maynard  (705-767-3943)
  • Friends of the Library Baysville:  Sue Hyatt (905-732-5565)
  • Horticultural Club:  June McDonald (705-767-3962)
  • Library:  Lizann Brunskill  (705-767- 2361)
  • Riverfront Group:  Cathy Racine (705-767-2170)
  • Seniors:  Fran Bowman (705-789-9385)
  • Snowmobile Club:  Rick Shantz (705-767-3295)