Echo Lake Association

Tom Smith, whose cottage, "Loon Echo" was on Lawson Rd, was largely responsible for organizing the Echo Lake Association. Tom served as its first President in 1975.  The rest of the inaugural executive council were:  VP - Elliott Posen, Treasurer - Mel Tolman, and Secretary - Barbara Gray. 

Excerpts from our Association by-laws:
The objectives of the Association shall be as follows:
  1. to create an environment that shall be beneficial for all residents of Echo Lake, Muskoka, Ontario to the detriment of none;
  2. to make representations to various municipal, provincial and federal agencies that will result in the betterment of the environment of Echo Lake;
  3. to establish a forum to receive representations from members and other interested parties;
  4. to generally assist all members of the Association in any manner consistent with the Objectives of the Association.
Membership in the Association shall be open to any person, persons, or corporation who owns property on Echo Lake, Baysville, Ontario and who pay the required membership fee and all dues that may be established from time to time.
Associate Membership
Associate Membership in the Association shall be available to any person or corporation who so applies and is prepared to subscribe to the objectives of the Association upon payment of the prescribed fee and any dues that may be established from time to time.  Associate Members shall have all the rights, duties, and privileges as members of the Association except the right to participate in any vote conducted by the Association.
The Association shall be administered by the following officers, to be elected in accordance with these by-laws:
          a.  President
          b.  Vice-President
          c.  Treasurer
          d.  Secretary
          e.  Executive / Liaison Officers

​Please click here to view the by-laws in their entirety should you so desire.
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