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Please let us know when you have found what was lost or what you were looking - or if you have sold your item(s) so that the site will reflect current information. Thanks!
Posted June 9, 2021
My name is Elaine and I am a resident of Echo Lake. I usually sell my pops at the Baysville Farmers’ Market but this year I have chosen not to.  My tasty cake pops come in various flavours both regular and gluten free and I can personalize your order. They are awesome just as a treat, for a celebration or as a gift. Just email me (Elaine) at cakepops2go@gmail.com and I’ll be  happy to serve you. Thank you, so much for your support. 15% off for Echo Lake owners.

Re-posted November  12, 2022

Found in the weeds at our place.  Been there since late fall.   Clearly from someone's place in Winders Bay.  Available for pickup virtually anytime.  We (Ecclestone's) are off of Lawson Road.  Call (705) 205-8786.

Posted May 23, 2020

Hello.... this washed up on our shoreline. Looks like a piece from a little tykes slide. It can be picked up at 1044 Lawson Road on front deck! 

Many thanks, Laura
Posted April 21, 2020
On behalf of our son, Noah, who is 14 this summer – and keenly interested in working, I am asking if this might be shared to our local lake friends. With the COVID-19 situation, we would like him to stay local close to our lake, if possible, for work this year – in an effort to limit the spread of COVID-19. If anyone needs Yard Work, lawn mowing or outdoors help, Noah is a very hard worker and loves the outdoors! If you are Winders Bay road, he can come by boat – as he is licenced to do so. As we live on Lawson Road, he can get to Hammond Rd. on his bike! He is able to start anytime now, as he finishes his school work assignments very quickly each week! Give him a ring, and he would be glad to assist in a safe, physically distanced situation!  Noah 705-767-3880 
Thanks, Stasi & Francois (1094 Lawson Rd.)
Posted July, 2019
​FREE to a good home! Red wooden rowboat, 8' long, 4' wide at widest. Hand-made by cottage owners before me, 1011 McCabe. Sturdy, shallow draft, short keel to 4" deep, aft. Aft panel needs repair or replacement. Oarlocks solid but oars are missing. Contact Pat at deyoung.pat@gmail.com or leave a message at