What do I get for buying a membership in the association?  
Most importantly, information, representation, and communication in the case of local issues that could affect your enjoyment of Echo Lake and your property values.  The recent issue of the proposed communication tower is a good example.  Some examples from the past are:  lake quality, septic tank inspections, assessment, lake levels, and noise issues.  It is vital to have an active association to deal with issues that can crop up, like over-development and pollution.  Just ask someone whose association was inactive when a crisis arose.  Our new website is an excellent tool for these purposes.
If you have any questions, please direct your enquiries to

​How do I buy an annual membership?
There are two ways.  You can click here to fill in a form and submit the annual membership due as directed below or you can do it through your area liaison officer who hopefully you will see sometime over the summer.  Please note that due to the Covid-19 situation there will be no liason officers making the rounds this summerAs always, it is important that we have up to date info in order to contact you with news and events!

You can also now submit the annual $20 due via e-transfer using this email - elamuskokatreasurer@gmail.comFor those of you unfamiliar with the process it is actually quite easy and convenient.

  1. Go to your banking website and log in.
  2. Select "Interac e-Transfers".
  3. Go to "Add Contact" (unless of course we are already in your contact list).
  4. Enter "" for the e-mail.
  5. Enter $20 for the amount.
  6. Put a note if you would like.
  7. Please set up the following custom e-transfer question: "What lake are we on?" 
  8. Set the answer to "Echo2018".
  9. Confirm.
  10. You are done!
​Your annual fee of $20 helps to support our annual Games Day and Corn Roast, which build community.  The due will also help with any issues that may arise in the future.  Thanks so much!

AGM minutes

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